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  • Hey rochet!
    do you have whats app / telegram or ...?
    i have a lot of question i cant send message one by one.
    if you have pls tell me i need help i have a server i want to generate some of the amd-wow server scripts.
    an outdoorpvp system similar to the function of battleground , involving capturing , announcements and guard spawn and buff share
    aw ..pardon my language but shit

    oh well ..gotta figure how to install urs I guess..allowed to use it?
    willing to do one for abit payment?
    while i can use this one for free , it doesn't really fit with server
    hey rochet , remember you made a custom login screen that had planets and stuff?
    do you remember?
    Yeah pretty much covers every kind of question :p

    But I have some ideas that I cannot do on my own , thought I check and see if you accept or do a freelance job .
    Check my thread, it has been updated.
    Thanks. (Lua script won't work) and btw, Hey. :)
    Hey, I have a request for you. Message me please. I'm looking for assistance in creating something I as far as I know, I specifically need you.
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