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My script won't work, why?

First off, make sure:
  • If you're using a repack with Eluna, make sure your Lua scripts are updated to Eluna's standards. If not, compile your own Eluna source.
  • If your worldserver keeps crashing when trying to load a Lua script, make sure Eluna is up-to-date. Else, the scripts will keep crashing the server until Eluna is updated. This is also a cause of using repacks w/Eluna as well. Refer to the information given above.
  • If your Lua script is loaded and you're getting a method error "nil" or other similar errors, this may be an indication that the method does not exist or is commented out. Go to Eluna's API for more information about methods.

If your script doesn't work it is probably because you're getting errors on server load. Check your Eluna.log for errors, if you see errors you can try to track down the code that is causing them. If you cannot fix it post a new thread in Eluna Support and we will help. Make sure you give as much information as possible. Take a look at give more information.