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How can I correctly help someone with their issue?

Read Before Posting
To correctly help someone with an issue, you must look through their thread (entirely) before replying. If the support thread has a lot of replies, each helpful reply that isn't off-topic or spam might be useful when it comes to helping someone. Here at EmuDevs, we want our members to get the correct information in under at least 10 posts, but if members don't READ the existing posts entirely, that would be literally impossible.

Finding a fast, suitable solution
It is important you take all of your thinking power into a nice, clean, fast, suitable solution. We don't want members feel as if they aren't getting the correct information like they expected. To find certain solutions, you can search the board to see if this issue has already been brought up. If the issue has never been brought up and you don't have the knowledge to actually answer the support question, then don't answer it at all. We, like I said don't want members to get the WRONG information.

  • Read posts thoroughly before posting
  • Find a fast solution if you know how to handle the question
  • Don't post if you don't recall or have knowledge in the support question field of expertise
  • Don't post random downloads that doesn't help anyone
  • Don't question staff and suspect the staff's reply wasn't helpful and do something stupid. If the staff replies with a certain answer, the member can do the rest him/her self.