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  1. Reloac

    [TrinityCore] Huge Content Patch by Kronixusa

    Huge Content Patch (4.0 (Cataclysm) > 5.2 (Mists of Pandaria) - 2.5GB What is this? This is the original files uploaded by Kronixusa that contains almost all creatures from the 4.0 Cataclysm Patch to 5.2 Mists of Pandaria (Thunder King Patch) , mounts, pets and their corresponding spells to...
  2. Reloac

    Haste Patch & Program

    This is NOT made by me, but is used on servers and DOES work TrinityCore Haste Patch With Working Haste Generator This patch will allow you to set a designated haste cap, that can be used for custom haste servers, using the program given along with it, pretty easy to understand, the patch is...
  3. Reloac

    [SOLVED] On_login player script

    Since i couldn't get the right click teleporter to resurrect, i made a new spell that works as the actual teleporter would have, but ofcourse needed to make it give the player it when they logon, it works (nearly) as intended but has a problem with the spell, it casts it... but continues to cast...
  4. Reloac

    [SOLVED] ResurrectPlayer on Item Use.

    Hey Been working on my item teleporter, and of course.. trying to add a new thing, the first i did worked like a charm but trying to make it resurrect someone when they use the item when dead, is proving to be harder than i thought, I've trolled through the source code to try and find other...
  5. Reloac

    [SOLVED] Chat Name Link

    Been trying for a few hours to edit it to allow peoples names to be clicked to start to whisper, can do it via a command but wanted to edit the officer chat, all is working as intended except names not being able to be clicked, i knew about GetNameLink but it wouldn't work on this, and i have no...
  6. Reloac

    [SOLVED] Sohw output in menu item

    Hey, I've been trying to work out how to output the data from a SQL Query (Magic Gold) to a menu item , if i have 20,000 MG, it would say "Collection > 20000 Magic Gold" - i tried adding %u to the title, to output the query result.. and adding CurrentMagicGold to the side, but errors so i have...
  7. Reloac

    [SOLVED] Check to see if bags are full

    Hey I've been working on making items cost a custom currency, so far so good.. it will error if they dont have enough Magic Gold, and it will give them the item if they do and deduct the Magic Gold, but if their inventory is full, and they have the Magic Gold for the item, it takes that and...
  8. Reloac

    [SOLVED] Custom failed to buy from vendor..

  9. Reloac

    [SOLVED] Add custom required currency to complete a quesst..

    Add custom required currency to complete a quest.. Hey I was checking over http://emudevs.com/showthread.php/2139-C-Script-On-kill-script?p=14684&viewfull=1#post14684 that someone else posted about, and was trying to modify it, as it requires the currency to accept the quest (if i see correct)...
  10. Reloac

    Item Gossip

    TRINITYCORE ITEM GOSSIP What does it do? Enabled you to use C++ to make gossip scripts (Like NPCs) onto items, the item must have a "on use" ability (like hearthstone) for it to work! Example : Link(s) http://pastebin.com/KxJD2w0q READ BEFORE POSTING If you are running a repack, you...
  11. Reloac

    [SOLVED] Extending kicked player information

    Hey I've been trying for the last hour or so, to make the kick command show who was kicked, by who and the reason to world, i can make 2 of the 3 show, im just having problems when it comes to showing the persons name who kicked the player, I'm pretty new to CTM Cores, recently moved from TC...
  12. Reloac

    [SOLVED] SaveToDB "Dupliacate" entry

    Hey I've recently been having some weird problems, using a proffession NPC, all works ok, except when the person learns a proffession a error shows up in the TC world window (doesnt cause a crash) when im guessing its trying to save the player, but failing... dont really know why... Error ...