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  1. Kaev

    Nostalrius releasing the source code

    Heyho EmuDevs, maybe you know it already, maybe you don't but, but Nostalrius just announced that they will release their source code. You can find their announcement here: http://forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=44550 What's your opinion? I think it's a really great thing for the whole...
  2. Kaev

    Your first MMO experience

    Hey ED's! I'd like to hear your first MMO experiences. Here are some of mine, i remember them like it was yesterday. WoW was my first MMO. I was ~11 years old and a huge Warcraft 3 fan. I went to a store in my city and saw WoW in a shelf. Little me thought "Cool! I didn't knew Warcraft 3 isn't...
  3. Kaev

    My Ludum Dare 33 Entry

    Heyho, i just finished my first Ludum Dare. "Ludum what?" Ludum Dare is a video game development competition. You have to develope a game from scratch in just 48 hours. And that's what i did. Code, graphics and sound are made by me. In. 48. hours. You can find my entry on the Ludum Dare...
  4. Kaev

    Neo - A WoW Development Suite

    Hello EmuDevs! Today i want to present you our project: Neo - A WoW Development Suite You maybe ask yourself what this means. I'll tell you! Neo will be THE WoW modding tool. You can mod nearly anything you can imagine. The biggest point will be the map editor, which is written from scratch...
  5. Kaev


    Heyho EmuDevs, i'd like to talk about Animes with you. Do you watch animes? What is your opinion about animes? And if you watch them, what are your favorite genres and animes? I'll start: Do you watch animes? Yes! Fav. genre: Slice of Life, Romance, Comedy Fav. anime: Angel Beats!, Sword Art...
  6. Kaev

    Need example for PlayerGossipEvent

    Heyho, i need an example for the PlayerGossipEvent-hook This is my code: local function talk(event, player, object) player:SendBroadcastMessage("test") end RegisterPlayerGossipEvent(1, 1, talk) I think the red one is wrong, but i can't figure what "menu_id" i have to use for a player (or...
  7. Kaev

    Halloween costumes for programmers

    I just wanted to share it here. I laughed my ass off at the last one.
  8. Kaev

    [SOLVED] Get crit rating

    Hiho EmuDev's. :3 I search a function to get the critrating (not the critchance!) from a player. I've tried player->GetRatingBonusValue(CR_CRIT_MELEE) but this will return the critchance. Google'd for a hour now but couldn't find anything. :( ~Kaev
  9. Kaev

    [SOLVED] How to SetReputation?

    Heyho, i'm working on some stuff, where i need to add reputation to a faction. I've tried the following: player->SetReputation(id, amount); I can't change the reputation. It's like nothing happens. Do i use it wrong or is this a bug? Is there any other way to modify the reputation of a...
  10. Kaev

    [SOLVED] Add loot to GO via C++

    [SOLVED] Add loot to GO via C++ Hiho, i have a chest-GO, where i want to add new loot via C++. My script looks like this: class startChestItemSets : public GameObjectScript { public: startChestItemSets() : GameObjectScript("startChestItemSets") { } void OnLootStateChanged(GameObject*...
  11. Kaev

    [SOLVED] Play sound to all nearby players

    Hiho, i have a problem.. again. :< I want to play a sound to all nearby players. I found the following command: player->PlayDistanceSound(id, target); Now i need to iterate through all nearby players to play the sound. Is there a command like player->GetNearbyPlayersInDistance(10.0f)? ~Kaev
  12. Kaev

    Hi, i'm Kaev

    Hiho :) My nickname is Kaev, i'm 19 years old and i'm from Germany. I'm programming C++ for almost 2 and a half years now and i started to develope some TrinityCore-Scripts some days ago, because i had a idea for a server. I'm developing a WoW DayZ-Server, but it will be only available in...
  13. Kaev

    [SOLVED] Line break in item_template description

    Hiho, are line breaks in descriptions possible? I've tried the following: |cff00ff00Test Green$B|cffff0000TestRed Outcome: Test Green$BTestRed I bet i'm just thinking to complicated. ~Kaev PS: I'm thinking about donating. You guys are awesome. I love your fast help, your attitude, your...
  14. Kaev

    [SOLVED] Prevent Player movement/Stun Player

    Hiho Emudevs, I could fix my last problem, because Tommy helped me. (Thanks again!) Now i've got another one. I'm looking for a method to stun the player, that means the player shouldn't be allowed to move, autoattack, cast, use items etc. While he's stunned, i want to play an emote, so i cant...