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Other Laravel Dusk Auto voting and more.


Heya, just wanted to share an idea for writing auto voters.

So with the release of Laravel Dusk comes a slew of possibilities, with the usual elegant and expressive syntax one gets used to being spoiled with, when using Laravel.

taking this auto-payment dusk test as an example,

if one got a little creative, then it could easily be modified to do automatic votes on emulator sites :)

for scheduling running of the test, i personally prefer a cron job. But pick your poison on this one :)

One of the biggest pros i see on this approach is, you could spin up a tiny droplet adn have it done everyday like clockwork, without having to worry about keeping your pc running :)

best regards,
a long time lurker ^_^

oh and by the way, if this post is placed in a wrong category, please feel free to move it :)