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need your suggestions


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Hello guys, currently i'm working on my private server, the server is leveling one but i'm kinda out of ideas.. i want to make solo-able contents that players will be able to solo and that will make them enjoy doing it..

any ideas?

thanks in advance.


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Make sure that you will attract multiple kinds of players - Some like grinding, some like questing, some like dungeons and raids, some like PvP challenges and so on.
I always like to see epic questlines like the AQ quest line. Takes a long time to finish but you always have a goal to accomplish - Every few quests you'll get some nice gear and in the end you'll get some awesome shit.


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I mean if you're planning a custom content made of server i think you should focus 100% on the pve content.
have a good story to tell in form of quests, dungeons and raids.

at a later time when your server has a decent population you should start focusing on pvp options if your players even want it.


In my opinion, solo content can be very fun, as long as it's not instanced. On every server I've played where you do things(solo content) in instances, it's boring. Unless ofc, it goes with a custom quest line and your objective is in it.

You should probably stick to quests. In one of your hubs, you can make bounty boards, add a quest item to a mob that is for another quest that starts a quest line, ect.
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Solo-content can be difficult to maintain when every class is unique.
Focus on the classes and how they can be balanced - compared to the content you are creating.
Look at the advantages of each class and construct quests or bosses specific of that.
For example: as a Rogue or Warrior you do not have many healing abilties.