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PCSX2 PS2 & FIFA Street 2 Problems


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Hey guys so I recently started playing FIFA Street 2 on PCSX2 Emulator ,but when I start the game I`m arround 45-50 FPS and when I`m actually playing the game I`m arround 15-17 FPS
Note I Play MoP on Fair settings with arround 35-40 FPS

My configuration is the following

Windows 8 Pro [64 bit]
System Model & Manufacturer [Dell Inspiron n5010]
Processor : Intel Core I3 M380 @ 2.53GHz (4CPUS) ~2.5GHz
Graphics Card ATI MObility RADEON HD5000
Harddrive size 500 gB


Enable frameskip. Your FPS has nothing to do with the quality of your hardware, but rather the fact that the engine has to emulate PS2 hardware to run the game.


Try another emulator and see if that works. Honestly, Mists of Pandaria isn't really a good combination when it comes to comparing hardware with games. :/