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Please add a TurboGrafx 16 aka PC Engine Section, here's some info...


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If I can find an emulator and roms for it, i'll add it

For Emulators, here's one of the best communities around for console emulation(no Rom Images except Public Domain and tests are here as it is a development community):

For Roms, I'll Help supply a TON.

I can give a Recommendation for an Emulator, This is what I've been using for years:

The reason why I recommend this Emulator is because NEC released not just one console, they released 4 different consoles over time(or rather addons like the Sega 32X and Sega CD for the Sega Genesis, but they still had their own games for that addon), This Emulator will emulate all 4 of those consoles(Given you have the Rom Images for the games), it had the HuCard(which was released in the States and Japan), and 3 other Japan only releases to my knowledge(CD-ROM, Super CD-ROM and Arcade Card). Aside from that it has support for Save States and a Built-In Cheat Search/Create/Loader system where as for others, you'd have to use some external cheating program like Cheat Engine to hack the game you're having problems with.

Secondly if You've got a Controller hooked up, you can use it directly(some configuration needed) with the Emulator rather than having to use some external Joy to Key program as a middleman, so far I've only tested my Wired XBox 360 Controller.

As for HuCard Roms, here's a Gi-Nourmous List as usual:

pce-images.rar (82.4 MB) - A Total of 389 Rom Images

List of Games:
US Region: http://pastebin.com/cZkwtQdQ
JP Region: http://pastebin.com/EbfG3m1g
Misc(Public Domain, System Rom, Tests): http://pastebin.com/MPSTwK29
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