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Pokemon Y/X and 3DS


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I'm looking for a 3DS emulator along with a pokemon x or y rom. I've been looking but all I can seem to find are these crazy sketchy ones that require you to take a "free" (not free) survey. I'm still looking though and will give a heads up if I find anything.


Some people said it's impossible to emulate the 3DS, but I see DS emulators and roms. I did search and found a few things, but I was reminded that half of the links were scams. I'm not entirely sure about this, but maybe someone else can look into it.


BETA Tester
I think its not possible to emulate 3DS now on computer. I think its better to wait a 2DS emu that supports too pokemon X and Y.


There actually are some 3ds emulators. I will look around and find one that's actually working and if there are any roms for it