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RAI System Release [Eluna & C++]



RAI System Release

Written in C++ and Eluna for TC 3.3.5a by Fractional

Hello everyone, today I'm here to release my random AI generator. The idea is to generate encounters that features multiple phases and thousands of different spells thus making every fight unique. On top of this the creatures have spatial awareness in the sense that they are aware of friendly units and interact with them throughout the encounter. There's also a chance that creatures will group up and randomly patrol the world together. Creatures have different difficulty levels and roam zones through pathed random movement generation.

A dynamic spawn system spread throughout the entirety of Azeroth keeps track of players and is responsible for spawning the right amount of adventurers to the world-- not too many nor too few. This means that no resources are wasted on unloaded zones or locations that players never reach.

As for the system itself it does not rely on EventAI nor SmartAIs but is a entirely new system which queues event from Lua tables that the RAI encounter generator is responsible for outputting. Below are a couple of screenshots showing CPU and memory usage on a i7 4770k for different amount of adventurers.

Image 1: Click me!
Image 2: Click me!
Image 3: Click me!


Please let me know what you think of this release as it took me quite some white to develop the project.
I hope someone can find the code useful, thanks for reading!
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This is pretty awesome, would make wow into a fun RPG game tbh. Somewhat similar to a Single-player RPG.

Sure a single player rpg is not what alot like, But it may fulfill someones dream out there ;)


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Howto Integrate RAI

Hi !

Can anyone who manages to get this working post a short and general howto, please!