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[VIDEO]SNES - Basic Cheat Hacking Tutorial - Mega Man X - ZSnes Emulator


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Noticed nothing was posted here, so I figured I'd come by and give you all something, Here's a LOOOONNNGG Video Tutorial on the basics of cheat hacking for games in general. It's a bit long because I wanted it for complete noobs/beginners that don't know how to make concepts or understand the basics of how a games fundamentals work. Enjoy:

What's in the video?:
I walk through how to do two cheats, my favorite which is allowing Megaman to shoot up to 7-8 shots rather than just 3, I've tested this from Mega Man X all the way up to Mega Man X 5, never owned X6.

Also the longer part was how to make it so you are completely invulnerable.

This was demonstrated with Mega Man X 1.0, I do not know which version is available for download via the download section, here are the cheats from the end of the video:

  • Ability to shoot up to 8 shots(default max is 3): 7E0BDD00
  • --Shooting with special weapons can have some really odd effects.
  • Invulnerability without annoying Flashing: 7E0BD808
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