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  • Faded is it okay if I post a video from my youtube ? I've made a nature slideshow and I like to share it with everyone
    No i didn't just adder wrong person i think with name "faded" and instant get message "fuck yourself" :DD
    hello , I'm ibronix.
    I game in coder hacker.
    Vb.net + C++ and C# and Delphi. Coder

    I would want to help you. HWID you share on the subject
    Hey, remembered what you said a while ago in the shoutbox about reporting awards/achievements not updating. I should have received the 31 day registered achievement 4 days ago and it hasn't updated yet, along with a few other various achievements/awards as well. Just thought I'd let you know, cheers.
    Hi Faded,
    We are looking for developers C++ for project 5.0.5, if you are interested we pay monthly/per fix. Send me a PM
    Hey faded , I want to see if I can recruit some good folks on my project , where do you suggest I post my thread? which sub-forum , should I even post it on emudevs?
    tnx in advance
    HI, im new here. I found that this forum have many interesting information. I just purchase VIP. How can i know if im VIP or not? Thanks
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