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  • AdFly itself's not a virus, However if you click on the ads and fake download buttons the ads produce, that can get you a virus or an attack on your Windows Host file. Install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, it's a good piece of software, and unlike many anti-virus software, it's not a system resource hog when scanning files(like norton, avast, and others) which can really slow down your computer, such as when you load wow and things are loaded out of MPQ's so it can load ingame, some of those anti-virus software will scan every single fucking file the game has to load and when it's reloaded, it's rescanned, shit can take forever to load then.
    You're not going to make a video tutorial on the area names are you? Twas hoping I'd have something to link to you with for my next few tutorials. Ahh well, take care now :)
    all i know how to do is script funny stuff like my sex bot lol its on here in a post. i suck at gear.
    i never played much wow. so i make custom stuff. im good at designing instances and i can make stair cases and other stuff like events.
    but i primarly work on custom quests/gag scripts. like my lvl 100 server has a trolling tavern where lindsey lohan is the "bar whore" that steals your money for sex.
    i can give you a copy of my stuff when im done if you want :)
    oh nice! dude you are so awesome. you are making creating a servr so much simpler lol you are amazing.
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