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I had to make a new account, was my old account de

No, your account was not deleted. Below are reasons and answers as to why accounts may seem deleted.

Accounts may seem deleted when
  • We're forced to do a rollback. When we do a rollback and you registered AFTER the date of our backup(s) then your account will not have existed because you registered after the fact. For example: If we have a backup from June 20th and you registered on June 21st & if we did a rollback then your account will not exist because it isn't saved.
To lift confusion on this matter, we do NOT delete accounts for any reason. And those reasons may be:
  • Accounts are not deleted due to inactivity. We would never ruin our population like that.
  • Accounts are not deleted if they are banned.
  • Lastly, accounts aren't deleted for any reason(s) or specific reason(s).

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