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Haste Patch & Program


BETA Tester
This is NOT made by me, but is used on servers and DOES work

TrinityCore Haste Patch
With Working Haste Generator

This patch will allow you to set a designated haste cap, that can be used for custom haste servers, using the program given along with it, pretty easy to understand, the patch is outdated and does work on both 4.0 and 3.3.5 Trinitycore.

I will NOT be providing support on making the patch work, you'll either need to do this yourself or manually add it.



Haste Calculator...​

How to use it?​

Type a mod in the top (aka in mine 0.5) and the number displayed below is the mod you need to add to the script.. in this case a 0.5 modifier would make 6557 the haste cap needed in game to get 0.00 speed for casting ect..​

Click Here to download!

Password : a c w e b (no spaces)​


Sorry for double posting but there is a huge problem. The haste thing is working PERFECT but when i attack and apply judgement of light or \ and seal of something (light for example) it does not heal me and it does not apply the seal. How to fix that ?


Anybody got a solution for this ? the spells are not applying when attacking . How to solve that ?
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Ok i found out that if you dont have max haste (0.00 speed) the judgements and the seals are applying with the normal weapon speed, not the current in the stats but if you have 0.00 nothing is applying. Any ideas ppl ?