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Your Energy Drink of Choice?


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Pretty sure the title says just about everything there is to say. Do you drink energy drinks? And if so, what is your preferred energy drink?
My preferred energy drink is the regular Monster, but I can only drink it slowly. Else, I WILL feel sick.

My second preferred energy drink is the Rockstar Xdurance! The only problem with it, is that they don't sell it in my area. I will literally have to travel 1+ hours just to get it.
That's why I mostly drink Monster. I usually have a Monster every 2 weeks, but I try to go longer without it. The longer I'm without it, the better it will taste when I finally get to drink one.

Redbull doesn't taste good in my country. The ingredient that give it the taste is banned in Norway and therefore removed before selling it. Redbull is also expensive as hell, and without the taste ingredient, it tastes like the cheap energy drinks out there.

Redbull blue edition and the others are tasty as hell! I usually buy a lot of them when I'm in Sweden. The normal Redbull still tastes like the one in Norway, so I guess the ingredient is banned in Sweden as well.

Battery Fresh makes me sick. The taste reminds me of this tutti-frutti candy I got as a kid. It disgusted me back then, and it disgusts me now.
Normal battery isn't too bad, but a little sour.

Overall, Rockstar and Monster got the most unique tastes in my opinion.


I don't drink them any more, but I use to drink all flavors of Monster all the time. The best energy drink out there in my opinion.


I have tried to stop drinking energy drinks in favor of just getting good sleep(working out for me so far :D)

But my favorites are:
No Fear - Great Flavor, good kick
Noz Original - Great Citrus flavor, probably one of the best, fruit punch is ok, but tastes funky to me now
Amp Cherry - Only the original flames logo one, they changed the ingredients so now it doesn't taste as good, but the new one is acceptable.
Amp regular - I like these, nice flavor, not too much of a kick
Rockstar Fruit Punch - The only rockstar I will really drink, I decided to stay away from these forever though, the crash is brain killing.
Monster - I've only had the original, and it's rarely something I drink, but when I do drink a monster, it's the big can, not the regular sized one.

Red Bull is balls, it's only true value is Jaeger bombs.


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A lot of you guys answered Monster :p
I used to drink them a lot more often than I do know, and I started to get bored of the flavor and no sleep at all.

Now I get good sleep and the Monster tastes great when I finally drink one.