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Greetings from Sylica


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Hello Community,

I'm Sylica, and been with the Emulation Community for about 4 years now. Been looking for a new home to post my work and help others that need it.. Anyways, love to get to know you guys and maybe team up on some project in the near future.

My main Programming Language is Structured Query Language, and enjoy writing it. Can make some pretty wild scripts if I put my mind to it..

Anyways, don't want to make this to long.. If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask me. I won't bite.


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Welcome, lol i'm not only who love SAO?!
Why i missed chance to get name Kirito... :D

You know, you still might have a chance to use that name, if you really wanted to. I mean, what's stopping you?

Anyways, thanks for the welcome. :proud: