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Hello EmuDev!


Hey guys what's up? Names Jesse, also known as NoobxGenesis and XxXGenesisXxX depending on where you look. I am a 22 y/o uni student from Australia currently studying a Bachelors Degree in Game Design, with a minor field of Animation.

I currently don't know much about EmuDev as a whole, I am just a WoW modder and at the moment an Eluna enthusiast.

In terms of WoW modding I have been around for quite some time, started around the "Ascent" days, if not a little earlier. I didn't really get heavily into it until ArcEmu was popular, of which I went a little crazy on the modding side of things. I have a lot of experience with basically everything but modeling and world building. I have written various guides including the creation of Custom Classes and Professions from scratch, to simple UI modding, to scripting random stuff, even done a lot of ComputerCraft (Minecraft plugin) programing.

After a while I along with another Aussie made a server called BleachONLINE, in which we attempted to recreate the Bleach anime series into our own WoW expansion. We managed to get a lot of stuff done, even got it to a playable Alpha stage which attracted some attention. But after a while of working 12-24 hours a day on it, I started to burn out on WoW modding as a whole. I ended up quitting during December 2 years ago, after-which I haven't really touched modding since.

However here I am, I am somewhat back, with a little bit of drive that I am hoping to snowball into the old passion I once had. I decided that instead of picking up where I left off, I would start from scratch and relearn and improve or even try to master my basics, before stepping forward. As said, I really started getting into WoW modding with ArcEmu, a core renowned for it's easy to implement Lua Engine. It is what started me on C based languages. During my hiatus I also did a lot of work on ComputerCraft, which also used Lua with it's own API thrown in. Dunno what it is, but Lua is just relaxing compared to other languages. That's where Eluna comes in!

I had still been reading the different WoW modding forums over the time I was gone and keeping up to date, eventually I heard about Eluna and was overjoyed! A cleaner more reliable core (TrinityCore), with a new Lua engine = Happy Genesis!

And that's brings me to now! I have spent about 8 hours fiddling with Eluna's API and made 1 proper script amongst a few test scripts, overall been enjoying it. I have posted one script I am working on at the moment in the Eluna>Lua section: Here! If you wish to check it out.

Anyway, hope this wasn't too long of an introduction, but HELLO!!!


Hello and welcome! Hope you enjoy Eluna, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work :) if you have any questions feel free to ask!


Welcome to ED. Knowing the rules is your friend here since we do enforce them. That's one difference between us an other emulation sites. :p

Great story. Sadly, ArcEmu is dead. You can still download it and do stuff, but I don't know why, it is all about TrinityCore nowdays. Though, Eluna is bringing a lot of attention in Mangos TBC & classic, which is nice.